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Interested in joining CHEFS?

Do I have to attend everything? What if I miss something?

Unlike other clubs, CHEFS is completely voluntary for attendance, as well as participation in any of our events. Don't have the time this week? That's fine! Just come to any events you're interested in with a positive attitude, and we'll do the rest.​

What kinds of activities does CHEFS do?

We host a variety of events, from lessons and demos with GT Dining, to monthly cooking at a member's dorm or apartment to try out new recipes and meet new members. We also volunteer with many different organizations, including Cafe 458, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, CCF, and GTStart. We also host the annual Tech Chef Cooking Competition in the spring, so if you'd like to compete against other chefs from campus in an Iron Chef-style competition, be sure to sign-up for that!

How much are dues?

This year, dues will be $30 for both semesters, or $15 per semester. This helps cover costs for our annual Tech Chef competition. If you attend monthly dinners, we'll send out an email with the reimbursement amount to bring for groceries for whoever is hosting (usually no more than $10).


Ok, sounds like fun! How do I sign up?

Just attend any of our meetings throughout the year and pay your dues then. Our meetings are going to be held from 6-7pm on Thursdays in the Student Center, and we'll send a reminder email to let you know where. Also, make sure to add yourself to the CHEFS list at and go to to join. Simply go there, login at the top left, search for 'chefs', and subscribe to our list!

Have any other questions about joining?
go to CONTACT to send an email!
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